By Gail Irvine, Carnegie UK Trust

The long-awaited Employment Bill was notable by its absence in this week’s Queen’s Speech, which sets out the UK Government’s legislative programme for the year ahead.

This omission has provoked dismay and concern among many employer and worker representative bodies, charities and employment experts. We share this concern. Access to decent jobs is a critical component of individual, community and societal wellbeing. …

by Douglas White, Head of Advocacy

Workplace technologies have the potential to both improve the contribution that work makes to wellbeing and to threaten it. At the Carnegie UK Trust, through our Fulfilling Work and Digital Futures themes of policy and development, we put have put energies over the past five years towards securing the former and tackling the latter.

The labour market context in recent years has seen increased employer use of precarious contracts, the emergence of technology-enabled ‘gig’ work, comparatively low levels of organised worker voice and, since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, growing unemployment. The concurrent speed and scale of digital transformation…

By Pippa Coutts, Policy and Development Manager, Carnegie UK Trust

Sustainable Change requires a focus on land, law and power”, Carey Doyle Community Land Scotland.

I was lucky enough to chair a panel discussion on Community Ownership and Towns this week, with Community Land Scotland, Greener Kirkcaldy, Power to Change, The Stove Network.* We recognised, with many others, the High Street is changing and we need to embrace that change.

Covid has hastened the closure of shopping chains in town centres, and there is much discussion about their future. In this we should remember towns are, and always have been, more than just High Street shops. …

by Pippa Coutts, Policy and Development Manager, Carnegie UK Trust

The COVID-19 pandemic, with its many challenges has tested our ability to innovate. Many of us associate the idea of innovation with bright, new objects or processes, and this could include the game-changing COVID-19 vaccine created by scientists at Oxford University. However, you don’t have to dig very far to find out that this innovation was possible due to the years of previous research on other viruses. It is innovation that is “rapidly repurposing” what is already available, and Nesta makes the case this sort of innovation is the most effective response to a crisis.

At a community level, we…

by Georgina Bowyer & Rachel Heydecker, Policy and Development Officers, Carnegie UK Trust

The Engaging Libraries programme, delivered by Carnegie UK Trust, supports library services across the UK to run public engagement activities on research within the themes of health, society and culture. Today the Trust published a new digital learning leaflet, sharing what has been gleaned from the delivery of two public engagement projects during the height of the coronavirus pandemic and first national lockdown.

Here are the top tips on digital engagement resulting from our learning:

  1. Practice with the technology — have a dry run to test both the tech and timings. …

Written by Georgina Bowyer, Anna Grant and Douglas White

It is time to act on digital exclusion. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the scale of digital exclusion in the UK has been exposed and exacerbated beyond previous understanding. In response, new initiatives have been rapidly developed and delivered. These new initiatives have substantially accelerated progress towards ensuring that those in all corners of the UK have the digital device, internet connectivity and skills to access all of the essential connections that digital provides.

These interventions have been of huge value — but there remains so much more to do. Ofcom research shows that 11% of the UK population still…

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